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I'm Sierra as you may have guessed from the name of this site! I'm a NY based singer/dancer/actor/choreographer! I've been Singing & Dancing since I was two years old and Acting since I was 8! From a young age I knew that this career was all that I wanted to do. I have been training towards that goal ever since, and eventually went on to graduate from Wright State University with my BFA in Musical Theatre! 


Influencing people to look inward and question their day to day choices is one of the things I love most about doing theatre. That, and sometimes just providing an escape from the sometimes harsh world. It's always nice to be reminded of the humanity in others or even just to be transported into someone else's world for two hours. Getting a few laughs in there doesn't hurt either. 

Anyway, that's WHY I love theatre. Here's what I do. I love to do musicals and plays, as well as dance performance pieces, and setting choreography to musicals and performance troupes. When I am not performing I love to teach the next generation of Actor-Singer-Dancers.

Check out my resume & the media section here to see a little bit of what I have worked on! Thanks for visiting! 

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